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July 14 is available:
VIP Ticket Randy (PLUS tbd)
VIP Ticket Scott & Dean
This ticket grants you the general entrance to the event
"Rise 'n Shine - Back to the Roots"

(AND NOT only 4 [FOUR] photos & 4 [FOUR] autographs)


·  Entrance to the Q&A Panels
·  reserved seats in the first row
·  ALL photos of the guests present included (single, duo, triple, group), (except [with] bonus guests)
·  1 Autograph of each guest  (except bonus guests)
·  VIP Visit tour with Randy (PLUS tbd) OR Scott&Dean
·  VIP Dinner with Randy (PLUS tbd) OR Scott&Dean on Friday evening
·  Participation at the cocktaildinner on Sat evening
·  VIP Lunch on Sunday with Randy (PLUS tbd)
·  First in line for all activities
·  possibility to purchase more autographs
·  possibility to purchase more photo-ops

The ticket will be @ 1899 Euro with all the above activities included.
For more questions don´t hesitate to ask me!


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Jul. 8th, 2015 05:51 pm (UTC)
Okay I have a question, I purchased the diner level ticket and it said it enclosed one autograph of each guest, and one photo with each guest, with the exception of bonus guest...

Who so do they consider bonus guests?

Because yesterday I was sent an invoice for $80.00 more dollar for photos with Scott and Dean. I did pay it, but I was surprised because I assumed that Scott would have been included in the purchase price, not as a bonus guest.

So my real question is, are Randy, Gale, Peter, Michelle and Thea also considered "Bonus Guests" Keeping my fingers crossed that they will attend this event...

Just a little confused at being charged more money...

Thanks for your help, and I understand if I need to be asking this question of Elke...

Later Darling ~ Kathleen
Jul. 8th, 2015 06:00 pm (UTC)
Okay back again, what level ticket are you referring to above in your post? I though that the diner level ticket was the highest level?

Yet it was my understanding that the tour, lunch and dinner were separate events that cost over and above the diner level ticket?

Have they added a higher level ticket, and if so can you upgrade?

Just curious and concerned all at the same time...

Hugs Kathleen
Jul. 8th, 2015 09:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks Elke for the personal response by email... I now get that there will be a new VIP (higher level) ticket available on Monday.

And the DUO photo shoot with Scott and Dean is, a new event over and above the photo shoot with Scott included with my Diner level ticket...

I'm getting excited! Now I just have to wait until next June...

Later Hon ~ Kathleen
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