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So, we are going to do it again, now finally arriving

  • Back to the Roots on June 17-19, 2016

It will be THE weekend for Queer as Folk US aficionados to meet their favorite cast members at the original location, especially those who haven´t been to one of our events already.

Plans are to bring you participants of the show, in front of and behind the camera. You will have the possibility to meet them, have a chat with them, beside the official convention schedule.*

On Friday night there will be an official "Get-Together" at the famous

Woody's (or similar location) and the first drink will be on us.

The weekend will start on Friday afternoon with the Check-in and "Get-Together" and last through Saturday with

  • Photo Ops (you get to take your picture with your favorite actor, taken by a professional photographer and an 8*10 print of your photoshoot printed on site

  • Stage talks of the actors in pairs or triples, according to their appearance on the show

  • Autograph session, where you can have your favorite item signed by them or just the picture with them of the same day

  • Cocktail reception, where the actors spend some time with you and a small group of other attendees at the table, drinks and snacks included

VIP events on Friday and Sunday such as

  • guided tours with a max. of 20 people

  • dinner with a limited number of people (tbd as soon as the tickets for this activity go on sale) and the actors

  • lunch with a limited number of people (tbd as soon as the tickets for this activity go on sale) and the actors

* Plans for the weekend may change or be adapted due to necessity

Don´t miss your chance to meet Randy Harrison and Makyla Deleo (Smith) along with Dean Armstrong in Cologne.

Discover the world heritage site in Cologne, the Cathedral as well as some of the beautiful surroundings by visiting a winery.

Tickets @ www.risenshine.de

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Dom Koeln Innen Architektur Kunst am Bau
So here is our last guest who will join us on the weekend in Cologne:

  • Dean Armstrong (Blake Wizecki)

Dean is looking forward to discuss with you his role on the show that had so much impact on our lifes! 
I am very happy to announce, that Makyla Deleo (Smith) is joining us for the fanmeet in Cologne!


During the weekend, you are able to talk to the actors, take photos and autographs with them and pass some time with them during private events.

Those events will take you to the roof of the worldknown Cathedral of Cologne, UNESCO World heritage, to a local brewhouse in Cologne and to a local winery.

Join us and learn more about the family we all came to love and miss on screen since 2005!


Someone who is not able to come to Cologne in March but wanted someone else to have a good time, generously donated a ticket for the cocktail reception. To give everyone the chance to win this, I put a TPE ticket on top!

With this ticket you can win the chance to get a TPE ticket in combination with a ticket for the cocktail reception. All you need to do is buy a lottery ticket for 10 Euros.

  • the winner will be drawn on Feb 28, 2015

EVERYONE has the chance to win! If you have a ticket already, you can bring along a friend.

  • you must be 18 or older to participate

  • no cashout or change for other product in our shop

  • Lucky-Combi

I am at it again!

Rise 'n Shine as it´s meant to be!

As you all might have already guessed, here is the announcement of our first guest

- Randy Harrison

He will join us for the whole weekend in Cologne to pass some interesting and funny moments, to make memories and enjoy the QAF family!

Harrison, Randy 2013_1


Another possibility to help Scott Lowell for his project and get an instant reward:

In honor of

- Scott Lowell helping to make the Rise 'n Shine Cologne Convention possible,

25 % of the proceeds of this sale will go to his project :



Every item comes with original autographs of Gale Harold, Scott Lowell and Sharon Gless!

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gruppe rns 001
'Scott rns 001
Sharon rns 001



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